An Outlook


Since the inception G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION, for the past 10 years, exactly from 2001 to 2011, has been aggressively involved in the activities of making professionals globally in IT related / Computer subjects especially in the developments of aspiring IT Professionals. The policy of G-TEC is nothing but the customer satisfaction by adhering the Quality Management System in a continual improvement process. For which G-TEC have no compromise in quality teaching and well equipped training centres wherein all the statutory dealings and management responsibilities are carried out upto the satisfactions of the needy.

G-TEC provides hundreds of variety courses in all the divisions of Computer especially in Software, Multimedia, Hardware and networking and on top of that G-Mobile technology and G-English learning.

G-TEC is fully equipped with its Research and Development Cell, Quality Monitoring Cell, Centralized Examination and Certification system etc are always been involved in the continuous improvement in all the wings especially of the syllabus and course materials which are constantly upgraded to meet the latest training programme to facilitate the students . Timely guidance and guidelines are given to the centers and monitoring each and every pulse of the operations along with the formula and belief that growth and developments brings out from the positive attitude, Perfect Knowledge and proper performance to win the race and become No.1 in each and every area.

The fast developing Technology brought speed and accuracy and IT become the most inevitable factor for human life and environment. When we look into the consciousness about the passage of time IT gives more prominent factor in the fast development scenario. After the arrival of Information Technology the situation is fully changed and all jobs are one or other way related with computer knowledge.

G-TEC is the First Computer Education Network to promote computer literacy programme, the biggest ever programme and Job Fair for the students to get a better job in the renowned establishments to settle them in a safer side of life.
G-TEC is now holding more than hundred thousand students managed to be trained in IT related / Computer courses to opt a quality future. Several quality subjects in all the divisions of IT and Certificates including innumerable international certificates as an add on value certificates and University regular courses are the feather to the crown of G-TEC which are much benefitted to the students for their future career. When we look in to the progress and possibilities of G-TEC gives amazing achievements to serve the society and nations.

The staff of G-TEC is committed to make the institution and its programmes as the best ones in the market by introducing various learning methodologies to help the learners including Introduction of trainer guide for all Divisions, Introduction of all Academic and product marketing materials, Preparation of course manuals which includes career path, exit profile etc. Publishers to customize our own books , Introduction of G-forum for trainers to clear academic queries, Introduction of GOBS BANK to facilitate placement for G-TEC students and others.


G-TEC EDUCATION has researched the National and International market and to the industry needs, and found the need of IT and ICT associated industry requirements are along with academic studies. G-TEC is on the path of learn to reawaken creativity, shaking off old thought patterns and bringing new ones to the needy. That potential for challenge has perhaps never been more important than ever before for the past few years and it couldn’t afford to sit in a comfort zone but instead had to find new ways to adapt and beat the difficulties coupled with the compliance of rules and regulations that are required for the growth and developments. G-TEC is no doubt a successor in the reinvention, nontraditional and unconventional but innovative thoughts and attitude which are key factors of the growth.

The innovative finding is very much mandatory to overcome the unemployment in the country where industrialist areas are very badly awaiting for professionals for their products. However, some of the universities open their door to the organizations those proven qualities and expected to be credible to avail the chances of possibilities to be utilized with their available management responsibilities as an add on programme to up lift those youths to be fit enough in technical qualifications or further studies by utilizing the unexposed opportunities.

There are two methods of Education one with theoretical knowledge and other is practical knowledge. The Indian system is a blended approach with educational approach and Industrial approach which is accepted by the world. India being the most efficient provider of human resources projects 80% un employed youth having no technical efficiency due to non completion of their education on the available system. The Finishing school concept works out in this juncture for the benefits of the youth and the development of our country.

Now, it is found that Academic subjects including soft skill /work skill programmes are also so important to reach the need in the industry and planned to carryout such programmes also in the concept of Global campus named G-TEC College for Advanced Studies (GCAS) by G-TEC EDUCATION.
Providing quality education for ensuring placement only can take us in long run where the importance is that the eligibility should match the suitability. Since our syllabus is relevant to the industry, it is very much easy for us to carry out successfully.

Keeping the ethos of the education which accelerates the learning and the application of Business Studies, Commerce in the accounting divisions, G-TEC teaching fraternity has developed a methodology to include maximum practical application of the theory learnt in the class room along with the IT and ICT Subjects.

Hence it is our pleasure to inform everybody that G-TEC is planning to conduct courses with effect from this academic year 2011 as a concept of Finishing school at both educational and industrial blended approach which the era demands for. We start with the academic subjects especially commerce blending with our MFA. For B.Com Any University locally renowned could be selected for Registration.